Writing a portfolio examples

Why would I revise a paper for the portfolio. No one cares how old you are. Most of them are free and design-ready; you can even purchase a domain name for some.

How To Create a Killer Writing Portfolio for Freelancers

Some prefer to keep it lean pieces while others prefer to have plenty of options upwards of 30 and beyond. You can customize the look and feel and add multimedia works to your portfolio. Demonstrate the depth of your knowledge of a specific topic by providing your clients or employers with an overview and two pieces that further explore aspects of that subject.

A lack of confidence. If someone is looking to hire you, their main goal in coming to your site is to read your work and see if they like it.

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You can add a biography section, social media links and interests as a writer. FREE for a name.

How To Create a Killer Writing Portfolio for Freelancers

For writers choosing to use a portfolio site, you are in luck. Multimedia storytelling including Quietly content. Students are learning to produce the kind of writing that leads to success in college.

Biography Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies i. Editor Testimonials I wanted to take things to the next level in my freelance writing career, and I knew I needed to have a portfolio to showcase my work. While not specifically geared towards writer portfolios, the joy of WordPress is that you can do pretty much anything you want with it.

How does that second piece complement the first.

Writing Portfolio Examples

Pinterest By Emily E. Journo Portfolio made it so simple and easy. Steck Journalists dig this very simple site to display recent articles, biography and social links all in one place.

In so doing, they developed a structure for a portfolio that would speak to rhetorical tasks necessary to succeed in all majors. There are plenty of options to choose from to manage and host your site; WordPress.

Create your account or chat with us. Demonstrate the depth of your knowledge of a specific topic by providing your clients or employers with an overview and two pieces that further explore aspects of that subject. Grammarly provides instant feedback through the use of green, yellow and red dots at the end of your checked section of text, as well as red underlining for misspelled words and incorrect word spacing.

A lack of confidence. Steck With Pressfolios, you can easily build and manage an online portfolio of clips; you can add up to 12 stories a month for the free version or upgrade for unlimited plus your own URL.

It's designed with journalists in mind, but other writers are welcome to give it a shot. Paper Rater can be brutally honest. Some biographies are longer than others, just as some careers are longer than others.

Pro tip for generalists or newbies: Speak English, not resume-speak. Write first, without worrying about grammar and structure. Besides, we feared that students would revolt, and we sympathized. Create portfolios with more than one site, especially if you have more than one niche.

Students are in charge of choosing the writing they want faculty to evaluate. What variety does a reader need to evaluate your writing in connection with the larger goal you seek?. Home Features Examples Pricing FAQ Blog Login Get Started. Built with Journo Portfolio Explore this selection of handpicked portfolios built with Journo Portfolio.

The range of themes means all portfolios are different. I've been a journalist for 30 years, writing for papers and magazines. I write mainly science, tech, arts.

Inspiration for your own portfolio: some writing portfolio examples from our users around the world. Creating a wonderful writing portfolio in 4 simple steps: Objectives: Be clear about them from the start.

The work you choose to get a job is going to be very different from the work you choose to land a travel writing. Pro tip (for generalists or newbies): Categorize your content and make different portfolios for each vertical you write in, such as a portfolio for science writing and a portfolio for entertainment writing.

6 Great Portfolio Sites for Freelance Writers

(This is where multiple portfolios can come in handy, but more on that later). The final result is a stylish and aesthetically-pleasing portfolio which combines the best bits of other rivals with a generous helping of its own bonuses to make a really good all-rounder for building your portfolio.

Built with Journo Portfolio

I have been writing a column for three years for a newspaper, but have not parlayed that consistency into an online presence. I am going to look into a portfolio site until I master the art and science of social media to develop a following.

Writing a portfolio examples
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How to Build the Perfect Freelance Writing Portfolio: 10 Steps